Wicomico County Board of Education Photos at the Nabb Research Center

BofEColoredSchools006A few years ago while researching the Rosenwald Schools, a very nice woman, recently retired, at the Wicomico County Board of Education, told me of a filing cabinet there that was full of old photographs and she invited me to visit and see them.  Well, I brought Dr. Ray Thompson of Salisbury University along in case the collection turned out to be substantial.

Not only was it substantial, the collection was in danger of becoming damaged, destroyed or lost, because of the location and lack of space to store them.  I sat in awe as I pulled them out of that filing cabinet one by one.  Many did not have identifiers.  One collection seemed to be the photographs used for the well-known book done decades ago on county one-room schoolhouses.    It is only a guess, but I believe these two photos to be the school in Salisbury, a two-story structure located on the west side of the railroad tracks near Church Street.   I do not know the identities of the people in the photographs.  Perhaps the Nabb Research Center has since found out.  The Board of Education donated the collection to the Nabb Research Center for the purpose of protecting the photographs and other materials once located in that filing cabinet.  For more information, contact the Nabb Research Center.            — Linda Duyer


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