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“Georgetown” indeed! (Salisbury, that is)

      The title — bad play on words but today I could not help but be excited, because for the first time I found the name “Georgetown” in a deed.  Alright, you are yawning, and I do not … Continue reading

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San Domingo’s Rosenwald School Dedication

Jason Brown started the first grade in 1931 in the San Domingo Rosenwald school in Wicomico County.  And today he sat in the same No. 1 classroom of that school, today dedicated as the San Domingo Community and Cultural Center.  … Continue reading

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The Mystery of Salisbury’s California

I have found no one who can point to a source explaining the date of when the Salisbury West Side streets were laid and named, or how the area came to be labeled and forever thereafter known as “California.” That … Continue reading

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Flagrant self-promotion

It seems a bit strange pushing this on anyone reading this, but recently I was interviewed for WSCL, the public radio station at Salisbury University, on the subject of my first book, “‘Round the Pond,’ the Georgetown Neighborhood of Salisbury, … Continue reading

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Dames Quarter School: slipping off the Rosenwald list

If you search YouTube for Dames Quarter School, you will find a video of the abandoned school, a creepy video walk through the empty building.  The person who meandered through this school did not know that this was a Rosenwald … Continue reading

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Dorchester County: Trippe’s Neck School

Could the building in this photograph be Trippe’s Neck School? This photograph was taken a couple of years ago but the building still looks like this, shown in two views. Perhaps someone can tell me if this building in Dorchester … Continue reading

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Dorchester County: school on Kraft Neck Road

              The 1877 Maryland Atlas holds lots of mysteries and one has been on my mind a long time, ever since I drove Kraft Neck Road years ago.  There isn’t much along that dirt … Continue reading

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