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Compelling photo: 1933 Princess Anne, MD

I recommend you use earphones while viewing this video. It isn’t long, about 10 minutes and will likely seem boring to you. I also apologize for my narration.  I speak slowly, much slower than normal, but only because I oddly … Continue reading

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The 1924 news of the KKK

It has been some time since I’ve written to this blog, but here goes. This past weekend events in Charlottesville, Virginia has reared the ugly face of fear and the KKK (and other similar extremist groups).  Granted a permit to … Continue reading

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“Georgetown” indeed! (Salisbury, that is)

      The title — bad play on words but today I could not help but be excited, because for the first time I found the name “Georgetown” in a deed.  Alright, you are yawning, and I do not … Continue reading

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Delmar Medical Society?

A quick question, as I am hoping someone might have some answers. Does anyone know about the Delmar Medical Society of the Eastern Shore? Recently I was re-reading a past newspaper article in the Daily Times of Salisbury about the … Continue reading

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San Domingo’s Rosenwald School Dedication

Jason Brown started the first grade in 1931 in the San Domingo Rosenwald school in Wicomico County.  And today he sat in the same No. 1 classroom of that school, today dedicated as the San Domingo Community and Cultural Center.  … Continue reading

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1963 Fire takes Salisbury’s West Side — Ritz, Blue Moon, The Spot, & more

A fire on Saturday afternoon, February 16, 1963, erupted at Lake and Main Streets, destroying a theater, a night club, and a five and ten cent store.  Salisbury fire fighters were assisted by firemen from Hebron, Parsonsburg, Delmar, and Fruitland; … Continue reading

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A Bird’s Eye View of Salisbury’s “California” (c. 1908)

You may have to click on the image to see it better, but below is part of the Bird’s Eye panoramic map created by T. M. Fowler of Morrisville, Pennsylvania, believed to be dated 1908.  This portion of the map, … Continue reading

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