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  1. Nstarpg says:

    Do you know the first name of this woman? My 2x’s great grandmother was Elizabeth “Lizzie” Collins of Princess Anne, MD that married John B Corbin.

    • Admin says:

      Hi, thanks for the interest. She was Sarah Collins. I was told she was from somewhere in Delaware, I think. She was part native American, I believe a parent was native American. I remember being showed a photo of her as an older adult, with buns curled up on both ears in that style. And the daughter I had interviewed seemed to have the same textured hair. Her daughter, Beatrice, was married to a Kiah from Princess Anne, I believe the twin brother who ran UMES. But I don’t recall any family connection to Princess Anne, but you never know. Hope this helps. Let’s see, the Collins would have been Sarah’s married name. If I find anything from my notes, I’ll let you know. FYI, Beatrice Collins Kiah was about age 100 when I interviewed her and her memory seemed very sharp! 🙂 Good luck with researching your family.

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