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A Chestertown Question

Who can tell me something about what I see on the 1877 Atlas of Chestertown, Maryland — that of the “colored” church and cemetery located on the western edge of old Chestertown, just west of the railroad track at Queen … Continue reading

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Birth of a Nation on Delmarva

I am not sure how many times or places the film was shown on the Eastern Shore, but it was shown in Crisfield, Maryland, in 1917.  In a review of newspaper articles for other purposes, I encountered a number of … Continue reading

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1908 Race Riot in Rehoboth and Lewes, Delaware

This August 1, 1908, newspaper article from The Baltimore Sun is the only article I have located so far on this incident.  If there are others, or other historical accounts of this, l would love to see them.  It seemed … Continue reading

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Centreville: Justice Punches Negro

So sue me, because I admit to chuckling when I saw this headline in the December 15, 1919, article in The Baltimore Sun.  I chuckled not because of the seriousness of the topic, but because of the surprising images the … Continue reading

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The last hanging at the Old Elkton Jail was almost John Holland

As the Cecil County website (Window on Cecil County’s Past) once reported, the 1905 execution of John Simpers was the last hanging at the old Elkton jail, executed for the murder of prominent Cecil County lawyer, Albert Constable, Sr., who … Continue reading

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Article Highlights Chestertown Black History

This article found online, “Black history tour highlights Chestertown” is a fascinating story of efforts to foster a greater awareness of black history of historic Chestertown, Maryland.  Kudos to Peter Heck for this article.  I am a bit late in … Continue reading

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Sergeant William Butler: The Hero of Water Street

Few may know that Salisbury was home for decorated World War I hero, Sergeant William Butler. Butler was part of Company L in the famed 369th United States Infantry division known as the “Old Fifteenth,” the name of the first … Continue reading

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