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History’s Conscience — No. 2 in a Series

When Historical Research Requires Confidentiality Historians conduct interviews and write about them. Authors write that history, give names, dates, places, and events, and quote their sources and provide citations. Historians collect oral histories, either as part of a larger project, … Continue reading

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History’s Conscience — No. 1 in a Series

No. 1 — Two Historians:  Lee Ann Fujii and John Muller Recently, I have been forced to re-examine issues of ethics in historical research. And I have come to understand that among the many amazingly talented historians out there, a … Continue reading

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Compelling photo: 1933 Princess Anne, MD

I recommend you use earphones while viewing this video. It isn’t long, about 10 minutes and will likely seem boring to you. I also apologize for my narration.  I speak slowly, much slower than normal, but only because I oddly … Continue reading

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The 1924 news of the KKK

It has been some time since I’ve written to this blog, but here goes. This past weekend events in Charlottesville, Virginia has reared the ugly face of fear and the KKK (and other similar extremist groups).  Granted a permit to … Continue reading

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Barbed Wire

Yes, it has been a while since contributing to my blog.  Life is my excuse. What’s worse is that this post seemingly has nothing to do with the theme of my blog.  But in truth I have always had an … Continue reading

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Mob Law on Delmarva, by Linda Duyer

I would like to announce the release of my book, “Mob Law on Delmarva.” The book is self-published and will be available near the end of next week through  And copies can be obtained by contacting me. How prevalent … Continue reading

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Talbot’s Treasure Trove of History

Brice Stump’s article today, January 5, 2014, in the Daily Times is a must see.  I had heard of the incredible continuous journals detailing daily life in Talbot County, Maryland, during and following the period of slavery, but today for … Continue reading

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