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Dames Quarter School: slipping off the Rosenwald list

If you search YouTube for Dames Quarter School, you will find a video of the abandoned school, a creepy video walk through the empty building.  The person who meandered through this school did not know that this was a Rosenwald … Continue reading

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1963 NBC Documentary: Blacks Chant in Church in Cambridge

This is a follow-up to the previous post about the archived footage of NBC’s 1963 three-hour documentary, “The American Revolution of 1963,” which is archived online in three segments. The second segment has a very short piece of footage described … Continue reading

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NBC’s 1963 filming of Cambridge, Maryland

My special thanks to Mike Dixon for finding the NBC Archives website featuring an extraordinary glimpse of Cambridge, Maryland during the turbulent year of 1963. A three-hour program on the state of Civil Rights struggles entitled “The American Revolution of … Continue reading

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Old Royal Oak, Talbot County, Maryland

The website “Maryland in Focus” has some intriguing photographs.  The photograph below is shown in the Talbot County, Maryland section, but no date is given.  The caption is only “In Old Royal Oak, three children walk down the road.”  Might … Continue reading

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Venton: A Cautionary Tale to Researchers

Rule # 1 to researchers:  Never lose your memory Rule # 2:  Never lose your notes, because there’s a good chance you’ll lose your memory I am about to show information for which I cannot verify most of it.  But … Continue reading

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