West Side Salisburians — Recognize this?

I am not sure how long this store has been Sandi’s, but the building dates to around 1887 as the Windsor Store, under the ownership of Albert M. Windsor.  This was known between 1899 and 1947 as H.H. Hitch & Bro. Grocery. During the mid twentieth century, according to architectural historian Paul Touart who published an architectural history of Wicomico County, the store was owned and operated by Andrew L. and Alice I. Winder, who lived on the second floor.  According to Touart, Herbert H. Hitch and his brother Ernest were prominent in the community.  Herbert was on the city council and Ernest was particularly involved in the Red Men organization.

This area of Salisbury, known as “California” gradually transitioned to a nearly all-African American neighborhood.  I’ve been looking at the time period of around 1910 and the neighborhood was quite nearly-equally mixed, and not necessarily segregated by street.

20140731_11401020140731_114014If anyone could tell me more about the store in the current and more recent years, I would appreciate a message.

— Linda Duyer

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