Flagrant self-promotion

It seems a bit strange pushing this on anyone reading this, but recently I was interviewed for WSCL, the public radio station at Salisbury University, on the subject of my first book, “‘Round the Pond,’ the Georgetown Neighborhood of Salisbury, Maryland.”

WSCLYou can listen to it online, but I recommend that you use earphones, as I am a bit soft-spoken in this….but chatty.  I have only done maybe 3 or 4 radio interviews but I would imagine it’s the same for anyone, that you can kick yourself for having forgotten something or for tripping over your words, etc.  So true in my case.  But I was actually surprised that I managed somehow to have packed so much information into just 30 minutes, particularly given the questions of the program director, Don Rush.  My only reason for this self-promotion of the interview is in the hopes that more people might want to come forward with their own memories of either this old now gone neighborhood or other historic neighborhoods in your area.

— Linda Duyer

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