NBC’s 1963 filming of Cambridge, Maryland

My special thanks to Mike Dixon for finding the NBC Archives website featuring an extraordinary glimpse of Cambridge, Maryland during the turbulent year of 1963.

map and commentator at cambridge full webpageA three-hour program on the state of Civil Rights struggles entitled “The American Revolution of 1963,” the first of the three segments features Cambridge at about 35 minutes into the footage, after a story on Birmingham.  This first image shows NBC correspondent Mike McGee standing on a map of the country with his feet straddling the label of Cambridge as he introduces the story.

race st signWhat follows in an amazing piece of filmed footage.  Many of us are familiar with the still photographs of Cambridge during this time, but there is something mesmerizing watching the filmed streets, the National Guard, the famous “egg” incident, the crowd, Gloria Richardson and other protesters, images of crowds, and more.

There is Race Street and Greene’s Savoy on Pine St greenes savoyPine Street.  But most intriguing are the people; one is left wondering who is who. There is nothing like video regardless of context.  Be sure to check it out, and be sure to watch the rest of the footage.

— Linda Duyer



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