Mob Law on Delmarva, by Linda Duyer

Mob Law on DelmarvaI would like to announce the release of my book, “Mob Law on Delmarva.”

The book is self-published and will be available near the end of next week through  And copies can be obtained by contacting me.

How prevalent was mob violence on Delmarva? What forms of violence, murder, and intimidation impacted African-Americans of the Eastern Shore? In an effort to address these questions I compiled detailed information about cases of lynching, threats of lynching, and other forms of  violence from about 1870 through the 1940s on the Eastern Shore region of Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia.

The work resulted in some surprises, raised more questions than answers, and contributes to the larger dialogue and body of research on race in America. Talking about it can be difficult. Taking a hard look at our history and ourselves can be uncomfortable, but learning from painful history is important for confronting the past and strengthening communities.

— Linda Duyer

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