Dorchester County: Trippe’s Neck School

Drawbridge-Ravenwood_2009(3)Could the building in this photograph be Trippe’s Neck School?

This photograph was taken a couple of years ago but the building still looks like this, shown in two views. Perhaps someone can tell me if this building in Dorchester County, Maryland, located on Drawbridge Road at Ravenwood Road, is Trippe’s Neck School.

The third photograph is taken from David “Nicky” Henry’s 2003 book Up Pine Drawbridge-Ravenwood_2009(2)Street 1884-1951.  The photograph, which had been supplied courtesy Ida F. Macer, included the following description:

“This is Trippe’s Neck School that was located on Drawbridge Road near Ravenwood Road.  It was built around 1873 and educated students in grades one through six. (1949)”


The building at that location, attached to another structure, sure looks like the 1949 image, with mostly siding and window changes.  And below is the 1877 Atlas of this location, showing the “colored school.”

I have never looked into the land records and never bothered to ask.  But whenever I drive down this road (which is not often), I 20131007_225838wonder at the building.

Linda Duyer






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