Henry’s Hotel: Mindie’s Haunted View of the Past

Mindie Burgoyne’s haunting story of Henry’s Hotel in Ocean City, Maryland, is wonderful — not only for the fun tale of the haunted, but also for an article full of history.  If you go to her website and read her article, be sure to click on the link she provided to the 2007 article from The Baltimore Sun with more of the history.

I do not know what will become of this large historic building.  But I do have a fantasy.  It’s a nutso fantasy, but indulge me.  I imagine the building restored and given life.  I imagine the building again filled with jazz and blues wafting through the windows, contributing to the mingled sounds of the resort town.  I imagine students from music programs of nearby universities being given the opportunity to learn their craft and experience real-life discipline of appearing at first-class gigs.  I imagine hotel management programs of nearby colleges making the historic spot a vibrant, commercial possibility, learning opportunities and an employment venue for young people.  I imagine young student musicians learning by performing alongside professional musicians.  I imagine resort visitors coming downtown, exiting the bus terminus for the sole purpose of experiencing a music form steeped in history at a place equally steeped in history.  But alas, that will never be.  But wouldn’t it nice to bring back those haunted musical sounds at an historic building with an extraordinary past?  I daydream way too much.  🙂

Linda Duyer

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