Delaware: Pinkett’s Motor Coaches

1185064_10151820276200673_1153345032_nWhen you browse, sometimes something else other than the main focus of a photograph can grab your attention and make you wonder.  Well, that happened for me when browsing the Facebook page of the Delaware Historical Society.  I thought, oh, how nice, the photo of the Seaford delegation when it set out for the infamous March on Washington.

I thought it a cool photograph.  But then my eyes focused on the words printed on the bus. “Pinkett’s Motor Coaches.”   Can anyone tell me something about that busline and who owned or operated it?  Pinkett is a fairly common African American name in certain counties of the Eastern Shore.  I have seen that name in the Maryland Eastern Shore counties of Dorchester, Kent, Wicomico, and Somerset, and possibly others.  And I’ve been told that Jada Pinkett has roots on the Eastern Shore.  I have a Delaware friend who is  somehow a Pinkett from Kent County, Maryland, roots.  But seeing this photo made me want to know about whoever owned or ran those buses, and if they operated out of Delaware.  Anyone with the story, I would be eager to know.  Thanks, Delaware Historical Society for sharing that photograph.

–Linda Duyer

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