A Chestertown Question

20130929_232503_cropWho can tell me something about what I see on the 1877 Atlas of Chestertown, Maryland — that of the “colored” church and cemetery located on the western edge of old Chestertown, just west of the railroad track at Queen Street?  I have been wondering just where that cemetery was or is and what information there might be about its history.  I do not live in that area and am not up on much of the history, but my love of maps and occasional visits have made me curious about this cemetery in particular.

At first I thought the unmarked cemetery was at the park where there is the historical marker about the Wilmer Plantation, but then suspected it might be just west of that spot.  I would doubt the graves were ever re-located but I do not know.  I would love to learn more.  The image below (and you may have to click on it to enlarge) includes Google Earth and my approximate guesses of locations of the church and cemetery of the 1877 Atlas.  I have also shown an image of the historical marker (Thanks Niambi Davis!).

–Linda Duyer

compositeWilmer Plantation Marker

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