Thanks, Brice Stump

Years ago Brice Stump, columnist for The Daily Times of Salisbury, Maryland, wrote a series of articles about neighborhoods and communities all over Delmarva.  Every chance I got, I tried to clip those articles, particularly ones related to Delmarva’s African American history; and indeed he wrote quite a lot of them.  Brice’s attention to detail, his amazing photographs, and his insightful feel about community life made those articles so memorable.

The first two images are just part of one such article, published April 15, 1997, about a little known area of Wicomico County.  I managed to donate some of these clippings to the Nabb Research Center at Salisbury University, should you want to view them.  The images shown after those are part of a February 22, 1994 article about Venton, Maryland.  To view the entire articles, search the newspapers, or visit the Nabb Center for donated clippings.    I wish there were expanded published histories of these communities.  And if there are existing histories, please let me know.       –Linda Duyer

New TownNew Town Wicomico 1997-04-15_2crop


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