The Bullpen

Decades ago I discovered the Farm Security Administration photographs of the Library of Congress.  At that time, I got to view high-quality copies of them stored in filing cabinets at the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C.   I didn’t have much time to browse, so I tried to browse ones of the Eastern Shore.  It seemed that the photographs I was most drawn to were those taken by photographer Jack Delano.  I was so struck by them that I ordered a high quality and large version of this first photograph, now no longer in my possession.  Now nearly all of the photographs can be viewed online.  The copies you can view are good, but not the superb quality of ones ordered from the negatives, particularly of some of the sharp photos by Jack Delano.  This version does not do it justice, but it is an intriguing photograph, as is the second one.  But you can order the high quality versions.

Delano did a series of photographs of bean pickers at a migrant camp at Staytonville, Delaware in 1940.  The caption of the second photo reads, “There are 130 persons all told in this camp–thirty in the house in the background (called the “bullpen”) and fifty in each of the two long wooden structures on the side.”  The two-story bullpen is shown at the rear of both of the first two photographs.  The third photo was taken inside the bullpen.  Delano also took high quality photographs after he worked for the Farm Security Administration.  Those also can be viewed online.





























— Linda Duyer

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