Did this happen more than once?

Luther Moore 1924I have read about road gangs and convict labor, though admittedly I know little about it.  But during my browsing of old newspapers, I ran across this little item in The Crisfield Times dated March 15, 1924.

Although this was my first encounter of the mention of road gangs in the Eastern Shore newspapers, it did not surprise me too much, until I read the article again, saying that Luther Moore had been sent to a road gang before being tried for the crime for which he had been arrested on the Eastern Shore of Virginia.

Maybe the facts are not right in this article.  But if they are, it seems he was made to pay for a crime before he was even officially tried.  He was apparently sent off the Eastern Shore to work on a road gang.  It led me to wonder, assuming this was correct, if this happened more than once on the Eastern Shore.

This is all the information I have on Luther Moore, so I do not yet know the circumstances of the alleged crime nor the outcome of his trial.   If anyone knows, let me know!

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