Three Remote Cemeteries

Silent City 03Zion Ch Cem photo01_bigI may later go into more depth of the history of these cemeteries, but I want to introduce them and perhaps others can tell me if they are in the same condition as I saw them about a decade or so ago.

The first is Silent City Cemetery located close to Cambridge, Maryland, on the edge of town, about an acre of property with mostly unmarked graves.  This first photo may look like nothing, but every where one steps, there are crypts.  The Rev. Claude Bayneum started this cemetery in the early 1900s as a place to bury people who either belonged to his church or belonged to no church and needed a burial ground.  Bayneum, in addition to being a minister, was an undertaker.  I looked at microfilm after microfilm of death records and time and again I would see the burial Zion Ch Cem2location as “Silent City.”  Last I heard there was an attempt to clear this overgrown cemetery, but I do not know if that has happened.  Please contact to let me know!

The second is in Quantico, Maryland, tucked back off the main road nor visible from it, shown in the second and third photographs (all of these photos were taken by me over 15 years ago).  I had done some research on this and was told that it had some relation to nearby Zion Church which has its own cemetery.  This cemetery has an unusual number of Civil War Veteran cemetery markers.  The last I checked, the road was too  overgrown to reach the cemetery, so I do not know the condition.  I learned decades ago that for a time it was being taken care of by descendants from the area who had moved away to cities like Philadelphia.  Again, I’d love to know if has been taken care of lately.

The third cemetery featured here is another Wicomico County, Maryland, cemetery, the Odd Fellows Cemetery in Wetipquin.  I understand it still in use, although newer graves are being located in the newer section close to the church, a much more accessible cemetery.  To get to the Odd Fellows Cemetery, you have to take Stephensfield Lane to the end, then drive through woods to a clearing, to find the cemetery near the Nanticoke River.  Newer graves are visible as crypts in the clearing, but older graves can be seen tucked in the overgrown woods.  A quick look at nearby deeds, it appears that this cemetery was located on or near the property of two families of freedmen who had choice property close to the Nanticoke River.         — Linda Duyer

Odd Fellows photo01_combo

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