A mystery….. to me

Perhaps someone can help……. Delmar has been on my brain (since I’ve been there twice last week), reminding me of a bit of a mystery.  It’s a mystery to me, perhaps someone knows.  But I’ve been curious about the African American school identified on the 1877 Maryland Atlas (sorry for the poor copy here), south of Delmar, east of the railroad tracks.  I’ve estimated it to have been on the south side of Connelly Mill Road in the vicinity of Shell Road.

1877 atlas Delmar md2In learning about the Rosenwald Schools, schools built for African Americans beginning in the 1920’s (one of which is at Delmar and still exists), I ran across the online database of photos of Rosenwald schools and found something perplexing when I clicked on the Delmar site.  There were two photographs, one apparently an older photograph.

The Fisk database of Rosenwald Schools would sometimes collect photos of the older schools.  One of the photos was an old photo of the Rosenwald close to Delmar, which still exists.  But I was surprised to find this second photo.  I highly doubt that it existed where the Rosenwald school stands now, although it was the habit of replacing older schools.  Fisk had no other information.  I have a hunch this is the school that was south of Delmar, along Connelly Mill Road.  But I could be wrong.  So anyone knowing, I’d love to know more.

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